Training of Trainers “GET YES”

Do you know what butterflies are?
New perfected model of caterpillars! What we guarantee on this training is your personal metamorphosis in entrepreneur and trainer.

How do we know this?
Each of us personally has been through this metamorphosis. If you don’t show it, you don’t know it!

The training is about creating competent trainers and leaders to be licensed entrepreneurship trainers who will use the best practice entrepreneurship training Methodology – Competency based Economies thorough Formation of Entrepreneurs (CEFE).

The “ToT GET YES (Training of Trainers – Global Exchange and Training for Youth Employment Services)” taps the strong societal need for building enterprising societies across the world which will enable young people to realize their ideas and professional plans.

The training course will take place in Hotel Biser in Struga, from 18.09.2016 to 02.10.2016

Who should attend?
We are welcoming professionals from four continents, particulary: Jamaica, Chile, Philippines, Germany and Macedonia. It’s for people who are serious in their goals and careers to become training professionals.

What will you benefit?
– Increased competence in state of the art of CEFE methodology application;
– Enhance familiarity with methodology recent tools and exercises;
– Programs for entrepreneurship training (lean start up, social entrepreneurship, innovations, business skills…)
– Opportunity to work as a trainer in realizing pilot training in the “global KA2 project “GET YES”
– Observation and certification of participants for becoming licensed CEFE trainers who will be able to work nationally and internationally (only after successful performance);
– Strengthen the capacities of organizations in the process of taking actions for empowering young people in their country, raising their capacity to deliver entrepreneurship training, generating of revenue and open the door for new international collaborations on similar topics;
– Strengthening the CEFE network organizations through the world;
– Build common ideas and projects for multiplying events.

Check out how was on the previous CEFE ToT’s that we’ve done past years >>>
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Inspired to be part of the gang? Find the call for participants and application on our web site:
If you are type to check all the details than grab the Brochure and enjoy in elaboration

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