Official Invite for the Macedonia2025 Summit

Dear friends of Macedonia2025,

How hard is it to imagine a future in which humans have added few extra decades to their lives, where energy flows into homes and businesses without leaving a carbon footprint and where cities and nature coexist in a perfect balance? Scientific breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, medicine and green energy supplemented with super foods, Big Data and the Internet of Things will be combined to make such a future close at hand. However, those of us living in the SEE region can’t help but mind the disparity between the developed and developing countries. While some countries and regions are already testing and implementing certain breakthroughs (such as self-driving cars), in others, governments and societies are grappling with their efforts to tackle fundamental issues. Another “however” is that if we think positively and get busy at work, our region can have its own share into this future! The question that we are eager to hear answered is, how do we make the leap? The Macedonia2025 Summit enlists some of the greatest minds in business, science and technology that are inventing, financing or implementing the inventions that are shaping the present into the future that we all want to see. I invite you to use this unique opportunity and join us in imagining a better, more efficient and more prosperous future for the SEE region in Skopje, Macedonia. The Summit will take place October 20 & 21 and that gives everyone enough time to plan ahead and make the trip to the newly opened Marriott Hotel in Skopje where a core group of managers and executives will be present to discuss the next big idea or business opportunity.

Official Registration Page:

Zoran Martinovski,

Summit Chair; International Finance Corporation’s

Country Manager for Macedonia and Montenegro

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