SEDC Workshop: Design through Experience

A good design goes beyond the aesthetically pleasing and visually stunning. It serves a purpose, solves a problem, provides a service, a meaningful interaction, gets things done the easy, fast, safe and pleasurable way. It leaves the user feeling happy & satisfied. The user experience is at the core of any design process.

People know within a couple of seconds whatever or not they will stay on your website, so you must immediately provide them with a good reason to do so. In our interactive workshop, we talk about UX design, the basic rules, principles and tools of good UX, web design patterns and the psychology explanations behind them.

Working on real-life case studies, the participants will have the opportunity to use their newly acquired skills to question and detect problems and provide their own solutions to it. Our goal is to leave the participants with a different point of view on design and refine their thought process.

If you are a student of design, a professional, someone who is generally interested in the topic or someone who thinks about building his own website, feel free to enroll.

The places are limited!


Public Room, november 26  Saturday at 5 PM – 7 PM

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