Tech.O : Event that brings together business and IT leaders, startup owners and investors

What is Tech.O?

Tech.O is an event that brings together business and IT leaders, startup owners and investors to share their knowledge, ideas and develop an environment that will support the rise and employment of new and innovative technologies by encouraging a culture of increased business collaboration and investment opportunities. This event will attract the leading IT professionals, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, CTO’s, start-ups, investors and ambitious young talents willing to embrace global trends and propose and apply new ways of doing business.

Who are we?

Valoso Hub is an international startup company running an office in Macedonia for several months. Satisfied by the quality of the work done by a few highly-skilled Macedonian freelancers, our Australian based company’s management saw Skopje as one of the most attractive cities in the world in which to expand its presence. Now, with a team of over twenty people and a plan to continually grow, we are constantly dedicated to bringing new ideas and cutting-edge technologies to market and provide best-in-class IT solutions.

Everyone is welcome to attend Tech.O, however, the seats are limited to 50 people and the registration will close once it reaches that number. So, the sooner you register, the more likely you are to secure your place.

We’re going to hold these events in our Macedonia office every month to fulfill our vision of inspiring more people and businesses to follow the leading trends by spreading powerful ideas and collaborating together to achieve accomplishments.

Our first event is part of the Europe Startup Week.

1. Nina Angelovska, CEO
2. ICT Specialist, To be announced soon
3. Jovan Madjovski, ‎Regional Manager at CEED Macedonia

3-4 Startups

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 – 06:00 PM

Valoso Hub Office
Partizanski Odredi 42/1-3

If you are interested to be part in our event, please fill in the registration form in the following link:

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